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Aug 1 – Third Test Day 4

Coach2.0 issued firm instructions to the catering staff that breakfast would be simpler for the remainder of our stay in Birmingham – we arrived in the team dining room to find a whole lot of WeetBix, yogurt and fruit, and bugger all fried pork products. The younger members of the squad [Ed. Yes, there are some] were not happy not ...

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July 31 – Third Test – Day 3

The Prof strolled into breakfast this morning as if nothing had happened – even though he’d been absent for days, and the Test and possibly the series was on the verge of going down the proverbial gurgler before our eyes. “Don’t ask, I can’t tell you yet,” he said before I even had a chance to open my mouth and ...

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July 30 – Third Test – Day 2

What is happening? It’s only the end of Day 2 and we are hanging on by a bloody thread to a skinny lead with 3 wickets left, including that of Peter, the Duke of Nevill, who is doing his best to redeem himself and keep Wicky from fourth test duties. He has faced 100 balls, more balls than anyone in ...

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July 29 – Third Test – Day 1

All the chatter about the hypocrisy of trumpeting a ‘Family First’ policy flopped into the sewer at the fall of the first wicket this morning. Sure the pitch wasn’t worth a row of beans – again – and The Captain chose tails instead of heads. [Ed. Doesn’t he get it? Tails sucks in England.] There is nothing worse than choosing ...

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July 28 – Third Test Eve

There was still no sign of The Prof this morning. I raised it quietly with Coach2.0 over breakfast, and he didn’t seem too concerned. The conversation went something like this: “Is he in the Eleven?” Coach2.0 said, mouth full of bacon. “No.” “If someone in the Eleven broke their ankle in the next 24 hours, would he get to play?” ...

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