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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 18 – Game Eve

The Big Game is just one more sleep away. After a busy week at work, I’m dog-tired so at I have a fair chance of getting to sleep. Otherwise, there would be a fair chance of laying awake all night in the face of the myriad potential embarrassments that await on the field tomorrow. I’m trying not to think off ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 17 – Dreaming of the Past

It is still raining, so there opportunities to get out of a run or a net session have been limited. This is a worry with the first game of the season just days away.  At least my bruises have settled down, and the knee is showing no ill effects from the tap it got in the nets a few weeks ...

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Ashes Diary 3 – No Fifth Day for Old Men

Five Tests, but No Fifth Day Follow the 17th Man – the last player picked in the Australian cricket squad – as he travels around England, chronicling the Ashes tour with his quirky and insightful pen. With the teams locked at one-all after two tests, they travelled to the Midlands – where England blew Australia off the park at Edgbaston ...

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Aug 29 – England team awards

“I don’t know who this is, but please exit this party line” I yelled into the mouthpiece of the Hotel phone. I was mid-conversation with Thea back home. She was not happy. The new sprinkler system we (she) had installed last week was going crazy during the night. Sprinkler heads had been popping up in the front lawn and garden beds all ...

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Aug 28 – An Evening of Team Awards

Raking over the coals of this failed series was never going to be much fun, and our end-of-tour awards night was never going to reach great heights. It was a solemn affair with voluntary retirements (Sir Captain, The Natural and UnLucky) and less-voluntary “won’t get picked again” type retirements (Wicky, Hollywood and Junior Marsh) hanging over the group like a ...

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