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Nov 28 – Third Test – Day 5

The red ball game is over for now. The white ball game is on. Coach2.0 told us all no one is being rested. Just suck it up and get on with it he said. That’s understandable – we all had headaches after a big night out. There is only one question left to answer. What will the Selectors do? Will ...

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Nov 27 – Third Test – Day 4

We won a dead match in a dead series. Cricket is an unpredictable game. Woooppeee.  Coach2.0 put it all into context at the team meeting. “L, L, L, L, L, W.” I think it was Maddison Avenue who piped up and said, “If we include the 5-NIL ODI losses that is  L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, ...

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Nov 26 – Third Test – Day 3

Something I ate last night at the Mexican/Nouveaux New York fusion Tapas bar in Rundle Mall didn’t agree with me – and it wasn’t just the incongruous support the owners were showing for the President Elect. Something was a bit “off” and as a result I was bowling “from both ends” by about 2 am. I wasn’t pretty. Things settled down ...

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Nov 25 – Third Test – Day 2 – “We Batted All Day.”

We batted all day. Not sure what else needs to be said. It hasn’t happened for a while. We batted all day. Mr X batted all day and scored a ton – which he needed to after being involved in an omnishambles of a run out that resulted in The Captain heading for the pavilion after assembling a fine looking ...

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Nov 24 – Third Test – Day 1

Coach2.0 has been out of the limelight so far this summer pondering the high wire of team transitions. Start too early and you end up torching potential like a Salem witch hunt; misread it and you fall 300m from the high wire above Trump Tower. So he red inked the careers of the fallen, ruled a line under the final ...

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