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Daily Archives: November 8, 2016

Nov 7 – First Test – Day 5 – DRS Debacle

The day had a certain air of inevitability about it as the wickets fell around the resolute Mr X and ever-plucky Wicky. Some “interesting” decisions seemed to result in a non-stop discussion about how the use of DRS was evolving, how it was changing umpiring, how it was changing batting, whether the technology was up to it and whether bowlers ...

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Nov 6 – First Test – Day 4 – Instant Replay

Plopper’s fury at only getting 12 overs on Day 3 was only fuelled by the subsequent events today – he bowled 22 overs and got none for a million. None. The innings ground on and on well past what we all deemed necessary. In these enlightened times, there was no betting per se on when the Proteas would be called ...

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