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Nov 25 – Third Test – Day 2 – “We Batted All Day.”

clockWe batted all day.

Not sure what else needs to be said. It hasn’t happened for a while.

We batted all day.

Mr X batted all day and scored a ton – which he needed to after being involved in an omnishambles of a run out that resulted in The Captain heading for the pavilion after assembling a fine looking 50 something. Not sure who was at fault, but when the Captain is involved, it doesn’t matter – the person who is not the Captain takes the blame. Oh, and the back wall of the dressing room took a little blame as well.

It was a mixed bag for the debs – Rickshaw didn’t make hay after his excellent session last night, Honeycomb assembled a fine 50 after a scratchy start and Maddison Avenue was knocked over by a peach of a delivery for a globe in the witching session after dinner.

Curfew is delayed an hour during the day/night tests, so The Prof and I were out enjoying a late meal at a Mexican/Nouveaux New York fusion Tapas bar in Rundle Mall. We were drinking lemonade and looking through the entrails of the day on social media.

“Have you seen this?” said The Prof. “This goon thinks that Captain should have declared TONIGHT and given the bowlers a go in the night session. Apparently, this would have had the additional benefit of protecting the dignity of Wicky and Maddison Avenue who were knocked over ‘under dew’.”

“What ever happened to ‘You only need to score ’em once’?” I’m a big fan of batting them into the ground.

“The armchair experts love to blather but really, they have no idea.”

“And what about the new selectors?” I dared ask.

“Hard to pick a mistake at this stage.”

“Apart from the obvious.”

“Don’t tell me YOU wanted to blight your career under lights against a swinging pink one.”

“You might be right – it’s safer in the dressing room.”

“Unless you’re sitting between a Captain who’s just been run out and the back wall.”

“He certainly has quite hands and a heavy bat.”



South Africa 9/259 dec, Australia 6/307

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