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Nov 5 – First Test – Day 3 – Just not good enough

Not quite good enough according to Warnie. That about sums it up. The Captain watched it all from first slip. How Mr. Darcy ran around in a circle to muff a simple up and under from Dean Elgar. How Adam&Eve waved an imaginary fielder away from a Quentin de Kock dolly that he never got near. A man his age ...

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Nov 4 – First Test – Day 2 – The Curse of St Nicholas

The Prof and I met The Freak for breakfast. It was like days gone by, apart from the evident nervousness of his formal clipped tones. He was tucking into a hand of slightly under-ripe bananas, peeling each one with a monkey’s delight to reveal a pristine white tip he sprinkled liberally with brown sugar. Some members of the team take ...

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Nov 3 – First Test – Day 1

The Captain just shrugged his shoulders when we asked what happened at the toss. Not one to signal his intensions, he took his pads off, shoved the Baggy Green on to his noggin and lead the team out to play. This is the simple “let’s play” approach which is quite refreshing in the world of sports science and all that ...

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Nov 2 – Test Eve

The Captain has spent most of the day in his usual pre-Test rituals – the main one being sharpening the crayon he’ll use to fill in the team list tomorrow morning. He has a strong preference for green ones, as he feels these are in harmony the with colour of money. I guess he’s thinking ahead to publishing his memoir. ...

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Oct 31 – Memoirs and team selections

Memoirs are meant to be full of sensational locker room disputes and opinionated half-truths. Nothing else sells. Publishers and publicists write-up an unnatural amount of self-congratulatory episodes and write down any hint of self-abnegation – most sentences begin with “I” not we, and the word “regret” is replaced by a phalanx of unlikely explanations a naughty boy would never countenance. ...

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