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Dec 15 – Did you hear it? I heard it!

There is always one, and in this team it is usually Wicky. We were still having a leisurely breakfast at about 9 when he shambled through the lobby of the team hotel, heading for the bus and what he thought was an imminent team departure. Finding himself alone in the marble-veneered portico, he was looking confused when the Captain sauntered ...

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Dec 4 – Did you see the catch?

“Did you see the catch?” everyone was asking, all night. “Yep, what a ripper!” I lied. I did not see the catch. I DID NOT SEE THE CATCH. To see the catch, I would have had to be: sitting in the dressing room, watching the match. sitting in the dressing room, not watching the match but able to look up ...

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Dec 3 – The Big No Show

Some people just don’t get it. In the wake of the loud-mouth Wicky from Victoria making it back into the Test side on the strength of his batting and ornery on-field persona, someone who shall remain nameless wish they’d made it back also [Ed. The Big Show] seem to think they have been hardly done by while batting at six ...

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