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Nov 8 – The global village

Anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction to an antigen to which the body has become hypersensitive. Like losing. Maybe not the fact of losing – this is the fourth consecutive loss so it hurts as much as stepping on a rusty bail and copping a tetanus booster in the bum from some unfeeling quack. Nah. The sensitivity is to losing ...

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Nov 7 – First Test – Day 5 – DRS Debacle

The day had a certain air of inevitability about it as the wickets fell around the resolute Mr X and ever-plucky Wicky. Some “interesting” decisions seemed to result in a non-stop discussion about how the use of DRS was evolving, how it was changing umpiring, how it was changing batting, whether the technology was up to it and whether bowlers ...

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Nov 6 – First Test – Day 4 – Instant Replay

Plopper’s fury at only getting 12 overs on Day 3 was only fuelled by the subsequent events today – he bowled 22 overs and got none for a million. None. The innings ground on and on well past what we all deemed necessary. In these enlightened times, there was no betting per se on when the Proteas would be called ...

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Nov 5 – First Test – Day 3 – Just not good enough

Not quite good enough according to Warnie. That about sums it up. The Captain watched it all from first slip. How Mr. Darcy ran around in a circle to muff a simple up and under from Dean Elgar. How Adam&Eve waved an imaginary fielder away from a Quentin de Kock dolly that he never got near. A man his age ...

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Nov 4 – First Test – Day 2 – The Curse of St Nicholas

The Prof and I met The Freak for breakfast. It was like days gone by, apart from the evident nervousness of his formal clipped tones. He was tucking into a hand of slightly under-ripe bananas, peeling each one with a monkey’s delight to reveal a pristine white tip he sprinkled liberally with brown sugar. Some members of the team take ...

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