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July 17 – The Wages of Sin….

The pre-season email has just come out from my grade club. As usual, fitness training started two weeks before the email came out but that’s just to make everyone feel guilty. Unfortunately, I have no niggling injuries so have no excuse. ┬áNot too keen on the first catching session, though – it’s too bloody cold.

Every other email, phone call, private message, snapchat and carrier pigeon message is about the pay dispute. Why are they asking me? Cooler heads are trying to chart a course forward, and you can be sure that Cricket Australia won’t pass up the profits that they make on those overpriced pies full of gristle and gravy they sell at the Test venues around the country.

Aside from that, The Prof and I are too busy managing distributions from the Players Pension Fund No 9. You wouldn’t believe the financial commitments some of these now “unemployed” cricketers have – here are some of the disbursements we’ve put through in the last week or so:

– 13 OLED TVs.

– 3 Sydney apartments (all with ocean views)

– 1 engagement ring (no, not telling you who)

– 3 lawyers bills (ditto)

– 4 invoices from BMW dealers

– A very large tab at a Perth hotel

Just to be clear, none of those is from me. I’m keeping things tight until the pay dispute is over and I’ve had a quiet call from the Chairman of Selectors.

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