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March 30 – Fourth Test Day 1

The new Captain was keen to make his mark on the game today, and also to try and draw some kind of a line – even a feint one –  under the omni-shambles that Australian cricket has become. We sat down with him this morning with the obligatory whiteboard and came up with some ideas for “How to Start the ...

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March 29 – Match Eve

The long flight to South Africa presented a few challenges. The first was to prevent The Prof from boring me to death with his false piety. The Executive Summary of his recent paper on International Crisis Management co-authored by Gareth Evans, Bill Clinton and Micky Arthur is a rollicking read, but I don’t need The Prof constantly jabbering in my ...

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Mar 28 – The Call Up

It’s been pretty quiet for us lately. While The Prof has been slugging it out for QLD in the Shield final, pity the head for PR for QLD cricket trying to get some column inches this week and drum up some sponsorship for next year. ScratchYourBallsGate has taken over, and makes HomeWorkGate from my first tour all those years ago ...

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