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April 3 – Fourth Test Day 5

Lunch was a feast today – given that the match was already over, the optimistic caterers brought out the afternoon tea at the same time as lunch in the vain hope some of it might get eaten. Our opponents didn’t hang around long – they had a refrigerated truck full of Castle lager ready for their celebrations – and none ...

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April 2 – Fourth Test Day 4 – Where is the line?

The Head of High Performance finished showing the tape of Dean Elgar’s press conference with his taunting epithet “Nice guys finish last” and then showed us a couple of clips from the NZ v England test match and how gentlemanly Edwardian it had become. We then had to sit around in tables led by an official and verbalise or draw ...

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April 1 – Fourth Test Day 3

The inevitable march of this match hung over the team meeting this morning like an albatross with a plastic bag full of sandpaper caught in its gullet. Sarah, the Head of Marketing, tried to liven things up by sneaking in late and slipping a large Easter Egg under the youngest team member’s backside as he sat down. There was only a ...

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A letter to my nephew

Dear Nephew, Cricket is a game. It is a great game. I am glad you are playing it. This game can teach you a lot about yourself, your fellow players, the players in the other team, and the adults who Umpire and come to watch you play it. Let me explain. Do you remember that time when you first asked ...

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