Wednesday, October 24, 2018
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July 13 – London Calling

The Prof, The Freak and I enjoyed one last Cardiff hot buffet breakfast, which has been particularly good.  The Freak has been maxing out of fried mushrooms and various potato dishes, while we only paused for thought briefly as we downed a side of bacon. When we finally made it onto the team bus, The Prof got to work on a ...

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July 12 – First Test – Day 5

The predicted rain came today, bringing with it a bunch of “if onlies.” If only we’d made it to the end of the day yesterday and forced a face-saving draw. If only we’d tee-d off and scored 416 in a day to win. If only the Euro-zone hadn’t bent all the rules to let Greece join in the first place. ...

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Jul 11 – First Test – Day 4

“The challenge has been set. Score over 400 to win. Get out for less than that and lose. It’s a simple enough equation,” said Coach2.0 to the team meeting. “Limp to 9/259 at stumps, draw it because it’s going to rain tomorrow,” said The Prof under his breath. We winked at each other. That seemed like the best outcome for ...

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July 10 – First Test – Day 3

The CA Media team didn’t know what to make of today, until The Captain summed it up nicely “Shit… shit, shit, shit.” So the Media team released a video of Michael Clarke being hit in the balls in December 2012. It didn’t look that bad; he was batting with a box and it only cut him in half. He wasn’t ...

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July 9 – First Test – Day 2

Captain Cook stood with his legs apart next to his chair at the end of day meeting for team England. He couldn’t sit on his bruised testicles – that was why he had returned to the field. Standing up was simply less painful. He looked out to the smiling faces of his team. They had performed well enough to control ...

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