Wednesday, October 24, 2018
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Nov 23 – Third Test Eve

Christmas appeared through the big block panelled glass doors in CA’s headquarters with a sheaf of papers in one hand and a switch full of angry intent in the other. She had called an emergency meeting with The Prof and Puff as the Test Players Representatives. I was there to take notes. “Hi Christmas,” Puff began. “I get it. Ha, ...

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Nov 21 – Pink Parts 1 and 2

Pink Part 1 It seems that in the rush to bolster the batting line up [Ed. A rush that didn’t involve calling up the more mature pair of The 17th Man (NSW) or The Prof (QLD)] the selectors conveniently forgot that the new/old Wicky is colour-blind. [Ed. And that he can’t catch.] Cricket fans will remember that one of the ...

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Nov 20 – Exit, Stage Left

By the time the big announcement of the team for the Third Test came around at 430 this afternoon, all those who needed to know already knew, many of those who didn’t need to know knew as well, while anyone who didn’t know knew that everyone else knew what they didn’t know. The last time a bunch of players were ...

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Nov 18 – Faf’s day in court

“Is the defendant, Faf du Plessis, present?” “Ya, maaartee.” The ICC hearing began. The 20 strong blue-suited Ch9 contingent came in first followed by a couple of thin bespectacled note-takers from the ABC. “You are charged with using sugared saliva to alter the state of the ball under article 42.3 of the ICC Laws of Cricket. How do you plead.” ...

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Nov 17 – Shield magic

“Perhaps a Shield game will quiet the ghosts?” The Captain said nothing. Doubt hung heavily on the corners of his wide mouth. His mood was that combination of brewing frustration and serenity that sets the local wombats scurrying to their burrows. “Maybe. And what of you 17th? Are you a player?” These questions come like rapiers. It’s best to parry ...

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