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The Ashes Diary 2013

Jan 6 – Ashes VE day declared

I write this [Ed. No, The Freak writes this. Ed2. And The Natural.] as the sole fully literate diarist on the team that has a Test batting average unmoved since the Tour to India. Yet I write this in a rehydrating mist of continuous celebration since Sunday. It is like pedalling through a Nantucket fog on a cycling tour – ...

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Jan 5 – Day 3 – Fifth Test

5-nil. 5-nil, 5-nil, 5-nil! What a day!  With UnLucky rattling off another century, and Mr G almost scoring a half century, we racked up 276 just after lunch.  Plopper was again not out with the bat, managing to not have a calculable average for the series. He was a bit dark with The Freak for getting out and leaving him ...

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Jan 4 – Day 2 – Fifth Test

Whenever The Prof and I dared to look away for a millisecond today, something happened.  It was annoying, as really we had lots to do other than watch the team stomp all over England’s last few shreds of dignity.  Don’t get me wrong, after what we had to watch in India and England last year, I could watch Tatts, The ...

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Jan 3 – Day 1 – Fifth Test

Have you ever been in one of those pseudo-team building things where the first exercise is to build the tallest structure you can using spaghetti rods and marshmallows? Or using paper and sticky tape? Have you ever wondered why some teams always make a mutant alien rather than an Eiffel Tower [Ed. Or a pyramid.], or why they just jump ...

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Jan 2 – Fifth Test Eve

I saw the last Ashes Test match at the SCG in January 2011 with Dad. He loves cricket but hates paying the mint for tickets. So we went on Day 5 with the other 6 parsimonious Aussie supporters [Ed. I’m sure there was a quiet flock at the beer outlets.] and 49,433 Barmies singing ‘Rule Britannia’ set to watch Jimmy, ...

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