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The Ashes Diary 2013

Ashes Diary of the 17th Man – Jun 20

In one sense it’s a relief that the ODI Team bombed out of the Champions Trophy without a win.  The squad has been sprinkled all over the country like hundreds and thousands on a soggy green birthday cake for the last couple of weeks, between CT13, Aust A, county matches and kitsch bars. At least now the gathering of the ...

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Ashes Diary of the 17th Man – Jun 19

The defeated Trough players are leaving and the County players arriving to complete the Ashes squad. The lump in the bed opposite could have been arriving or departing but was clearly exhausted. The only sign of life came from a still padded leg visible underneath a rumpled mix of sheet and blankets.  Definitely a bowler. I dropped six stories to ...

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Ashes Diary of the 17th Man – Jun 18

The last day in Ireland. Back to back wins on village greens in the outer Hebrides of international cricket against a swinging Duke is no simple task, but it is better than being unceremoniously struck out of the Champions Trough for the first time in a billion years. We were back to the red ball finally.  One burnt blood colour, ...

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Ashes Diary of the 17th Man – Jun 17

Day 4 – Aust A vs Ireland It took a while to coax Mr X out of his hotel room this morning, still traumatised as he was after last night’s “Gaol” incident.  Noone has admitted being the person who roamed the corridors outside his room rattling keys during the night, but his roomie didn’t hear a thing, so maybe he ...

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Ashes Dairy of the 17th Man – Jun 16

Day 3 – Aust A Vs Ireland It was a day of “I do declare!” today with frantic tactics, over 400 runs on the board, and all with us trying to keep an eye on the Champions Trough game between England and NZ in the gloom at Cardiff. With two days gone, we declared at our overnight score, leaving Citizen ...

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