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The Ashes Diary 2013

Dec 17 – Day 5 – Third Test

We were in the change rooms after the on-field presentations. I was wedged in the Freak’s locker amongst his banana plantations to avoid the occasional showers of jammed orange quarters, shredded banana skins and beer froth that began a long afternoon of celebration. “Great catch at mid-off, 17th. Ridiculously athletic.” Wicky said hugging me with his gloved hands. “Great move ...

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Dec 16 – Day 4 – Third Test

The morning session took on a carnival atmosphere, with Hollywood and then Mr G dining out on the tired, fed-up and Broadless bowling attack.  The poor crowd, cowering as they were without any shade structures under the relentless sun, were peppered with incoming Kookaburras as our lead didn’t so much edge towards 500 as hurtle past it.  Hollywood rescued a ...

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Dec 15 – Day 3 – Third Test

Today was the sort of day that made us glad to be alive.  Close enough to the action to feel we’ve contributed to regaining The Ashes [Ed. Now a dead cert], while not so close that we had to actually do anything about it –  like go out onto the field in this heat. But it could be worse.  We ...

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Dec 14 – Day 2 – Third Test

“What is the longest word you can think of” Puff said, as he stretched out on the banana chair at the hotel pool. The batsmen stopped rubbing each others backs with match balls and reread the English press comments on the day’s play. They all used short words; most of them began with f. No one said anything. A few ...

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Dec 13 – Day 1- Third Test

The Prof finished sticking the last big letter to the page in the Business Centre at the hotel. I admired it’s obsessive quality and child-like authenticity. It was on Yorkshire Cricket Club letterhead and signed Jason. The Prof addressed it to ‘Deep Third’ at the English hotel and asked the paper boy to deliver it. “The etymology is uncertain but the ...

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