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The Ashes Diary 2013

Dec 12 – Test Eve – Fremantle Dessication

Training was on early today, to avoid the worst of the heat, and again fairly light.  The bowlers are being treated very gently with only one thing in mind – having enough energy to take 20 wickets in the heat over the next 5 days. [Ed. Can we make that 3 days, please? ]  The Natural is still a bit ginger ...

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Dec 11 – Go West!

The Aussie Team is feeling bouyant in it’s new-found circumstances of being front-runners and fear merchants.  The short turn around between tests must surely count in our favour as we head west to the home of the mining boom. As soon as you arrive in Perth, there are three things that strike you:  – At 10 in the morning, the airport ...

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Dec 10 – The England Files

I received a faded yellow envelope under my door, late. It was from Deep Third. [Ed. As uncommunicative this last week as Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. I’m spending all my FF points this year] On the same Yorkshire letterhead I am well used to, he wrote in what seemed to be a heightened state of delusional psychosis that can only be ...

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Dec 9 – Day 5 – Second Test

And so it was recorded that King Canute himself could not hold back the in-coming tide. The Freak and The Natural bagged the final four English wickets with simple stump bowling in 10 short overs before mid-morning drinks. The wicket balls seemed, at least from the air-conditioned safety of the dressing-room, to be no better than the fence balls; ordinary ...

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Dec 8 – Day 4 – Second Test

After missing all the drama, excitement and bravado  of Tatts’ heroics yesterday, we decided that we’d better watch all the action today.  We settled into some appropriate seats in the dressing room, as far away from the door as possible.  As usual, it was our aim  to NOT have to go onto the field to do any duties that should fall ...

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