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Ashes 2015

Aug 18 – Exit, Stage Left

It was not unexpected, but UnLucky made the official announcement today that he was pulling up stumps after the Fifth Test. He also made the unofficial announcement at breakfast and the informal announcement on radio. The casual announcements were made in a series of interviews. With a little luck he can grab the 25 runs he needs to reach the ...

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Aug 17 – London Calling

It was hard to judge the mood of the touring party as we traveled to London on the team bus today. There was a little steely determination to be felt, a sense that 3-2 is a lot better than 4-1. A sense that history won’t judge our “all out for 60” debacle as harshly as it might if we bounce ...

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Aug 16- Aus v Northampton – Day 3

We were all out on the field before play began listening to Coach2.0 make it clear what was expected today. There was no holding back. It reminded The Freak of 2013 just before Coach1.0 dropped his bundle and was replaced by Coach2.0. How quickly the wheel has come full circle. The English must be thinking the same thing. When it ...

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Aug 15 – Aus v Northampton – Day 2

The decommissioning of old warships starts with the pomp and ceremony the ship’s company attaches to its final berth in home waters. The crew lines the sides of the ship, the highest ranking Naval Officer and The Captain give tidy speeches about the glory days of those who have sailed with her and the whistler cuts a tune in the ...

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Aug 14 – A Win and a Washout

The Southern Stars romped it in by 161 runs today, skittling England for 101 in Kent. The weather stayed fine for them in the Sou’ East, and they’ve now got one hand on the Ashes. Those Ashes. Whatever. As for us, up in the Midlands it was raining when we woke up. Yesterday’s air of nonchalant indifference towards the game became damp ...

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