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Ashes 2015

Aug 13 – Padding Up?

The general air of nonchalant indifference surrounding the Tour game tomorrow has been magnified by the weather forecast – rain. It’s fine enough today – more training – but there’s doubt about the start of the game tomorrow. “So, is is Nor-Thampton, or North-ampton?” asked The Prof as we sat in the shade after our net sessions. “Low care factor,” ...

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Aug 12 – A dead day

I remember the first time I went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. The boat was big enough, although neither the reef shark nor the return trip in the late afternoon in a rollicking swell  did much for my constitution. Whilst the boat swayed to the rhythm of the ocean, I hung out the side completely nauseated laying a trail ...

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Aug 11 – Defending The Captain

“Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” (Albert Einstein) The Captain was dreaming. The only safe place at the moment where he was not being carpeted by ghosts of the past, or the twitter playground, was next to his wife in bed in the safety of the team hotel. Why was retiring so difficult? He was back in ...

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Aug 10 – Going Nowhere

Another day stuck in Nottingham before we can move along to our next stop in Northampton. Our opponents have moved on (as The Prof and I found out when we tried to scam some more free wi-fi at their hotel this morning) as they get a week off while we have to slug it out while stuck in our Midlands ...

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Aug 9 – Stuck in the Midlands With You

And You, and you. [Ed. And YOU] What should have been Day 4 of the Fourth Test was instead the first day that we hold The Ashes no more. [Ed. Don’t forget we only hold them figuratively. They never left England even when we “held” them for 16 years straight.] Coach2.0 was so upset with the team after the “Omnishambles ...

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