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Ashes 2015

July 29 – Third Test – Day 1

All the chatter about the hypocrisy of trumpeting a ‘Family First’ policy flopped into the sewer at the fall of the first wicket this morning. Sure the pitch wasn’t worth a row of beans – again – and The Captain chose tails instead of heads. [Ed. Doesn’t he get it? Tails sucks in England.] There is nothing worse than choosing ...

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July 28 – Third Test Eve

There was still no sign of The Prof this morning. I raised it quietly with Coach2.0 over breakfast, and he didn’t seem too concerned. The conversation went something like this: “Is he in the Eleven?” Coach2.0 said, mouth full of bacon. “No.” “If someone in the Eleven broke their ankle in the next 24 hours, would he get to play?” ...

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July 27 – Where is The Prof?

There was no sign of The Prof at breakfast this morning. He hasn’t been to his room in our Royal Imperial Suite last night, and there’s still no sign of him as I write this at 10pm. Other members of the touring party look at me strangely when I try to casually ask them “Have you seen The Prof?” The ...

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July 26 – Wicky’s gloves

Coach2.0 finished off his blog for Cricket Australia and gave it to Sarah for review. Five minutes passed before she handed it back, which was a good sign. He scanned the sea of red corrections, and then the two funny paragraphs about the team bus trip to Birmingham that had survived unscathed. His eyes sparkled. (Sarah is slowly learning.) He ...

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July 25 – Aust v Derbyshire – Day 3

Division 2 County matches on tour are friendly encounters. We always bat first and the county agrees to rest its front line attack. The home team lays on a smashing spread at lunch and tea [Ed. It’s England after all, not Scotland, where gherkin and cheese are sentimental favourites] washed down with cider and a good laugh with the local ...

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