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Ashes 2015

July 24 – Aust v Derbyshire – Day 2

The rain kept us indoors most of the day, so we only got a few overs in. Sarah (still Head of Marketing) took this as a golden opportunity to ramp up her memorabilia signing efforts, but after yesterday’s marathon, the playing group weren’t too keen to keep up her pace. It all came to a head just after the scheduled ...

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July 23 – Aust v Derbyshire – Day 1

As if we didn’t have enough practice against second rate bowlers at Lord’s [Ed. Don’t get too cocky!] Derby withdrew their only bowler who is even close to England selection and foottit-ed him off to the England camp in Spain for no reason in particular. England seem to think that all this messing about really matters – they just need ...

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July 22 – The mouse-catcher

An open letter appeared in the Daily Mail this morning. It was from a Derby mouse-catcher to the Derbyshire mice: Dear Mice, I don’t hate anything. I grew up with pet mice. My brother loved them and kept them as pets generation after generation. Until one escaped and was caught by the cat next door. I never liked cats. When ...

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July 21 – England rebalancing

Coach2.0 cornered me in the Hotel lobby. We were all waiting for the bus to take us to the local nets in Derby. He wore that grin that picks you out to condemn you as a permanent category of non-playing cricketer. Of course, he asked me how I was feeling, said I was batting beautifully in the nets, as good ...

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July 20 – Second Test – Day 5

With the size of the entourage and the WAGs group attached to the team, there’s no moving around to the country side in an impromptu manner. [Ed Try getting on AirBnB and saying you need 50 beds in one place at a day’s notice.] So, we’re stuck in London for a day, although on the bright side Coach2.0 gave us the ...

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