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Ashes 2015

July 19 – Second Test – Day 4

Well butter my bum and dip me in hundred and thousands! The team started the day with a fair degree of confidence. Not even UnLucky being, well, unlucky, and having a spot of dizziness while ripping into England, dampened our enthusiasm.  It certainly didn’t dampen Trapper Smith’s enthusiasm – he came in and enthusiasmed the English bowlers to all parts ...

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July 18 -Second test- Day 3

There are two days to go at Lords and we are steadily erasing the poor form of the first test in Cardiff. It seems so long ago now but three triumphant days have settled the squad into the rhythm of success much more than victory in Cardiff might have done. The lead is so big… UnLucky and Puff put on ...

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July 17 – Second Test – Day 2

The French Paradox describes the apparently contradictory observation that the incidence of coronary heart disease in France  is comparatively low even though the standard French diet is rich in saturated fats, which in themselves are said to be bad. An ingenious explanation pegs this ‘paradox des dieux‘, and the trim silhouettes of French women, to a early childhood nutritional program ...

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July 16 – Second Test – Day 1

The Prof remained tight lipped over breakfast, resisting all my subtle probing questions about the envelop he received yesterday. [Ed. “What was in the envelop?” is subtle?] In the end, what he actually had to say was more important. “He’s going to call heads,” he said at a whisper. “What? At the toss? He always calls tails!” I hissed. Indeed, Sir ...

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July 15 – Second Test Eve

It’s a long time since Hollywood was dropped via the naughty corner for not doing his homework for Coach1.0 during the disastrous tour of India. (Looking back on my diary entry of the time is instructive.) There now seems no doubt that he’s on the way out and will be replaced by Junior Junior Marsh on the team sheet tomorrow ...

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