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Aus v SA ODI Series Nov 2014

AUSVSA ODI Series – Game 5

Shit it was hot. So hot that slinking off to the SCG to pay through the gullet for an undercover seat just to watch de Kock get a ton on a flat wicket in a dead rubber was a waste of money. The beach was a better option. At least there you can select your own beer.  The game had its highs. Smithy gave ...

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AUSvSA ODI Series – Game 4

At the MCG, there were more seagulls than spectators, less guile than brute force, and more weakness in the knees when it counted than strength in the head.  We had to acknowledge AB is a near genius, given all the bloody sports he is good at, yet equally praise the fidgeting Piggy for his calculating 100 that brought Australia home with the swinging willows of Wade ...

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AUSvSA ODI Series – Game 3

“There was no point playing this game after AB was dismissed” Steyn muttered on his way back to the pavilion. “What is it with these bloody bugs? Who the hell is Tony Abbott anyway? Unless he plays for us he’s nothing. Even if he plays for us he could still be lucky like the batsmen. I hate Canberra.” Someone was ...

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AUSvSA ODI Series – Game 2

I was at home glued to the TV set for a while with Dad. He hates it when we lose and our top 6 add nothing to the spectacle of the game except for a few ‘dud’ calls from the Third Umpire. I swear he is worse than Bradshaw and Heals for one-eyed analysis of the game. This game was ...

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The AUSvSA ODI series – Game 1

The Freak (Peter S), The Prof and I watched Game 1 of the AUSvSA ODI series on a big TV at a local pub in Melbourne. I put together a little taste of the twitter feed between the main course and desert. It has it all: bagging the Umpires, bagging Channel 9 [Ed. my sincerest sympathies to all], bagging the pitch ...

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