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Australia Vs India 2013

Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 10

I missed the team meeting and most of the everything else over the weekend, felled by an unimaginably horrible gut ache. The torrid fetid wind that came with it would put a bubbling sulphur pool to shame.  I understood Puff’s anguish from Hyderabad in a flash with absolute clarity.  I would have gladly jumped into a pit of writhing cobras just to secure ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 8

The Punjab, the land of the 5 rivers, lies between the compass points of Nepal to the east, Pakistan immediately to the West, New Delhi to the South and the tip of India to the North. Chandigarh is tucked into the eastern border like a difficult pin placing on a par 3 green. Commissioned by Nehru in 1947, it was ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 7

Today was travel day. As usual, that meant total chaos as bags were packed, checked, double checked and loaded. Some of the squad settle in to a hotel just a bit too much.  Mr Bean unpacks meticulously into his hotel room, and insists on discussing at length the sharing of wardrobe and drawer space with his room-mate.  The trouble normally starts when he unpacks his ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – March 6

I met the Prof for breakfast early while the spread still looked pristine. My days of salvaging dirty spoons from the yoghurt bowl with the croissant callipers are over. It’s a slippery business. Yoghurt ends up in odd places – that’s before you have to separate it from the oatmeal dust and morsels of scrambled egg suspended where it can ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 5

Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 5 – Hyderabad – Second Test – Day 4. Bundled out before lunch. It was shameful. Inside the dressing room was as quiet as the crowd on Day 4 of a Shield game at the WACA.  The sounds of celebration coming from the Indian dressing room were pulsating through the grandstand.  It sounded ...

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