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Australia Vs India 2013

Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 4

March 4 – Hyderabad – Day 3 The team meeting this morning was very short. Coach looked awful, his thin hair hastily brushed, his full lips set for foul weather in the parched countenance of an aging school master teaching geometry after lunch to unruly nineth graders. He studied the team with disdain, despair, disapproval and disappointment, searching for the ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 3

Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 3 – Hyderabad – Day 2 The Artist Formerly Known as the Australian Spinner had a very long day today.  It started with him showing up at the team bus wearing a purple replica of the official team Travel Strip.  I have no idea how he managed to slip out to a tailor overnight, but ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 2

Diary of the 17th Man – Mar 2 – Hyderabad – Day 1 Over breakfast, The Prof outlined two independent selection challenges drawing a Venn diagram on The Freak’s muslin napkin to illustrate. He drew two circles next to each other in a rectangle.  He labeled one circle ‘Bats who play spin well’ and in it wrote 1-2 (+1 ret.),  ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – March 1

Diary fo the 17th Man – March 1 – Test Eve Last test the team was announced a clear two days before the start of play. This time around it’s all secret squirrel stuff, with the top brass meeting in corridors and broom closets. Security is tight. We seem to be under scrutiny all the time.  You get the impression ...

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Diary of the 17th Man – Feb 28

Hyderabad is reputedly named after a Telugu courtesan who so enraptured a local dignitary that he graced the town with her name. She must have been something special and certainly a far cry from the reality of sharing a room with Wicky.  I’ve never seen anyone shed so much hair. The step-in shower is like a barber’s shop on a ...

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