Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Australia V India 2014

Four Captains and a Funeral

OUT NOW! The story of the four test series just completed between Australia and India. The roads and roadblocks, captains and caftans, centuries and “centre thanks”, the sledges and the edges – it’s all there, in one volume. Available at amazon in ebook form. Sign up to The 17th Man’s email list here to be the first to hear about ...

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Jan 13 – Indian Awards Night

John, the Indian who sent me a note early in the tour, delivered a note under my door yesterday. I was out with The Prof tasting curries in Chippendale so the fluffy dog Thea bought picked it up, slobbered all over it and then sat on it. I dried it out in the pool on my return. The note contained ...

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Jan 12 – Aussie Awards Night

We celebrated long and hard after regaining the Trophy at the end of the match, and so in some ways the official unofficial team awards night was a bit of an anti-climax this time around.  Still, it’s a little but of fun and another night out with the lads before we disperse the helter-skelter of the Big Bash and/or preparing ...

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Jan 11 – Surry Hills autographs

I don’t quite know where we started to celebrate last night. The Natural (Ryno Harris) didn’t know. I think Puff said we started south somewhere in the Shire.At some stage we ended up in Surry Hills. We were making a hell of a racket in a disciplined sort of way until 9pm when the line outside the restaurant was so ...

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Jan 10 – Fourth Test – Day 5

With the declaration confirmed, we settled in to watch the boys bring it home. Not much happened in the first session, and we waved them off for the second session with high hopes. Two blokes wearing Cricket Australia overalls showed up just after lunch.  One was carrying a  tool box and the other a black device that looked suspiciously like a ...

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