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Australia V India 2014

Jan 9 – Fourth Test – Day 4

Thurber Man was discovered in the late 1930’s in Columbus, Ohio in the American mid-west. Palaeontologists describe him as “an ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs.” Let’s call him Walter. The Prof and I missed the team bus to the SCG. We have a full day of appointments and conference calls with business partners ...

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Jan 8 – Fourth Test – Day 3

“You are experiencing existential anxiety,” Christmas announced. She was the psychologist Sarah, Director of Marketing, hired to replace Darren whilst he is on a course in Monte Carlo. I sat on my chair looking at the colour page she gave me, then at the 15 degrees on the wall behind her desk. “What do you see?” “Nothing.” “Not even red?” “No. ...

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Jan 7 – Fourth Test – Day 2

Word was out early that nearly 300 jokers were descending on the ground this morning disguised as Richie Benaud. Nothing personal, lads, but I’d rather have the real one here. I’d certainly rather have him on the commentary team. I won’t name names, but the “Julio or Nerd?” segment today was excruciating. [Ed. You and The Prof clearly not Julios] ...

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Jan 6 – Fourth Test – Day 1

Somehow we managed to at least have one Mitchell in the team announced for the last Test of the series.  Mr Darcy is playing the team yo-yo and coming back in to replace Tatts who, let’s be frank, is stuffed. I was looking forward to taking some time to mentor The Kid, and pass on some of my wisdom and ...

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Jan 5 – Test Eve – No sledging for Hughesy

“So you mean it was all malarkey” I replied through a spray of toast. “Yes” “What?”. This came from Plopper an occasional breakfast companion. “Puffy Warner’s media interview yesterday… whenever…how the send-off devalues the game…” “Oh, that. I didn’t realise he could speak so well.” “Yes, all fake heroism ‘I would if I could’ speculative flotsam, but the media lapped ...

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