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Australia V India 2014

Jan 4 – The shadow players move in

The team meeting ended. The playing  squad shuffled away to the exits in the auditorium in lines of bobbing hob-nailed white. The squad has swelled like a ripening gourd towards the final test on Tuesday. The young shadow bowlers invited to share liniment with the boys in the hope that they will pick up something, and other things will rub ...

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Jan 3 – Who Writes These Letters?

Training today was a weird combination of youthful enthusiasm (The Kid is back in town) and the relentless sound of hamstrings twanging as various team members struggle to get fit for next Tuesday and Hollywood, as usual,  just struggles [Ed. Although we hear he’s got the squirks]. Tatts didn’t show up at all, which is not a good sign, and there ...

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Jan 2 – Home

It’s great to be back in my home town, and to be back at the address that I loosely call home. All this messing around with the Prime Minister, the curry empire and the shady Russian interests has left me a little jaded. Thea has done a great job with the renovations while I’ve been touring all over the world. ...

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Jan 1 2015 – The shirtfront

New Year’s Eve across Sydney Harbour never disappoints the faithful. I can’t remember the 2015 theme – it didn’t matter. The Test squad was spread across Sydney wherever they could get a cold beer, hospitality and an uninterrupted view of the harbour. The Prof and I, representing the Players Pension Fund,  and the Chennai paper boy, representing unnamed Indian interests, ...

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Dec 31 – Mahi’s exit as Captain of India and Richie’s car

Mahi woke up with the sun. It was his fist day as an ex-test captain of India. He rolled up the special silk Star of India foot mat the BCCI gifts every Captain, and the gold toothbrush his mother gave him when he was first appointed Captain. He was not concerned. The World Cup and T20 captaincy’s remained and he ...

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