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Australia V India 2014

Dec 25 – Ho, Ho, Ho

It was blissfully quiet up in the Presidential Suite this morning, but apparently the rest of the hotel was shaking with the dull thuds of the various over-excited kiddies running up and down the corridors at about 530 this morning. These were mainly the offspring of senior players, but several of the younger team members ( Captain Trapper Smith included) ...

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Dec 24 – Christmas Eve press conference

The moment Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards mentioned that Virat Kholi most reminded him of himself, Virat had a target on his back. Puff Warner, who was the stand-in sledge master in The Captain’s absence, was pleased. Kholi was the standout Indian batsman. If he could win his love with a heartless arrow in front of a packed MCG crowd ...

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Dec 23 – The lab rat

I neglected to corner The Prof this morning to detail his business with the Chennai paper boy. In the chaos of the net practice this morning, nothing was more important than the health of Hollywood Watson who was struck on his helmet by a rogue bouncer from Rockets Pattinson mid-session. If net practice now has a social faux pas this is ...

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Dec 22 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I checked out before breakfast  just as The Prof suggested in a note that was shoved under my door overnight.  I was eager to talk to him over breakfast and find out what happened yesterday, but he only arrived in the private room where we were having a combined meal and team meeting as Coach2.0 was calling the meeting to ...

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Dec 21 – Second Test – Day 5

While I didn’t see The Prof all day yesterday – or in the evening either – I wasn’t too worried. But when he didn’t show at breakfast, I started to think about how badly things could t\urn out. He did have a good working relationship with the Paper Boy from Chennai, but these multi-national business arrangements can turn as sour ...

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