Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Dad’s Cricket Diary

Dad’s Cricket Diary – Available Now!

Dad’s Cricket Diary With the big 5-0 looming, our every-man Dad decides that he’s spent enough time watching his teenage sons have all the fun on the cricket field. So, after 25 years on the sideline, he decides to make a comeback. His body is not so sure about that decision. You’ll laugh your way through this personal reflection on cricket, family ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 21 – My Life in Tech Support

There are many challenges to being a modern parent. So many things have changed. All my mum and dad had to do to support my studies at school was provide a desk, a few pens, some paper for me to work on and a library card and keep me from watching too many repeats of MASH and James at 15 ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 18 – Band Concert

Planning the weekend’s activities remains a challenge of the highest order, and I sometimes wish I had an Army logistics expert on hand to solve it for us. Today was no exception, with various overlapping activities and transport requirements that involved making sure the right car with the right capacity was in the right place at the right time under ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 17 – Round 3 – Week 1

I’m not sure how we can avoid having days like today. When I grew up, the most that happened on any one Saturday was me vacuuming the pool and the family going out to have a BBQ with friends in teh evening.  Now, with an automatic pool cleaner picking up the leaves, you’d think we had less to do. But ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 14 – Coffee Time

With a few contracting jobs on the go this year, I often find myself working at home.  Sometimes this works well, and the lack of interruptions means lots gets done. Other times the day evaporates in a cloud of household chores, emails, facebook posts and stupid cat videos. One of my strategies when I need to concentrate is to get ...

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