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Dad’s Cricket Diary

Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 7 – Distress Call

An email came in early that the team were in need of another player for a one day game on Saturday.  With the finger still quite sore, I’m a bit reluctant, but I guess I’ll only have to field for 32 overs so I shold be able to look after it. I said yes. The office I am working in ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Oct 2 – A Week Off

In a break from running all over the city with the kids, Mrs Cricket reminded me that one of the primary schools I attended was having its centenary fair today, and that with no cricket on, I should put in an appearance. I had to deny the suggestion, made twice, from little miss that I was a foundation student in ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 29 – Everything Hurts

They say Tuesday is the worst, and I hope they’re right! I don’t think there is a muscle that isn’t sort – although only an aged athlete understands the term “sore in a good way.” That is until you try and do something, like climb the stairs on out of the train station going to work, bending over to pick ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sept 27 – The Day After

Just before I went to sleep last night, I remembered that I’d taken off a dress ring just before the game and dropped it into the end pocket of my kit. I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t retrieve it as soon as I thought of it – either that or worry all night about whether I’d lost it. ...

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