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Dad’s Cricket Diary

Dad’s Cricket Diary – Sep 1 – Signing Up

So, the question is, which box to tick on the club registration form? “Regular” or “Part time”. If I tick regular, I’m in the group who has bought a first refusal right on team selection – if I got part-time, it will be filling in when needed. Mrs Cricket and I had a long chat about it after dinner. She’s ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Aug 30 – First Net Session

The team is not known for its in depth preparations for a season – one or two net sessions will do it. In contrast, I feel like I need about three full pre-seasons jam packed into the next couple of weeks to be anywhere near not embarrassing myself if I take the field. So, off to the net session I ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Aug 30 – The Cricket Shop

My plan of attack when going to the cricket shop is to go early. Arriving at 11.30 on a Saturday morning is a recipe for a long stay and getting only distracted attention from the sales assistant who is trying to get four young cricketers to decide which bat they want all at once. I also have an unwavering strategy ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Aug 22 – The Old Kit

I knew that somewhere in the garage I’d find my cricket kit. The faded green thing has survived the last 20 odd years of disuse, although when I found it it seemed like a wholly inadequate piece of gear compared to the luxury items Boy1.0 and Boy2.0 use to carry around their full selection of gear. Boy2.0 has two sets ...

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Dad’s Cricket Diary – Aug 20 – Will I, Won’t I?

Every year at about this time an email arrives from a mate announcing the new cricket season. I normally hit delete before reading about the dates and the fees. Today, however, I read it through twice. Season starts in a few weeks. Team going down a grade after losing a couple of  bowlers. Need a few players etc etc. Maybe ...

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