Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Aug 8 – Alastair’s drinks invitations

In the shadows of The Captain’s retirement I was persuaded by persons unknown (note 1) to publish Alastair Cook’s 3 invitations to The Captain to join his team for post-match drinks. They are a blend of politeness and outright skulduggery one expects from public schoolboys thrown a bat and ball and told to go play in the back oval. They ...

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What it means ‘to have your head up your arse’

The Natural asked me what it meant ‘to have your head up your arse’. He said he never used that kind of language except to batsmen. Big Merv Hughes said it was fair to intimidate batsmen this way but never explained what it meant. I asked The Prof who looked at me coldly, handed me some scrappy notes he had ...

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A View from Old Blighty: Can England bounce back in Perth, really?

I have been swapping occasional cricket articles with James Morgan, older brother of Eion Morgan, English ODI specialist, and cousin of Piers Morgan, of no profession, to understand the other point of view. Morgan is a rabid Englishman who still thinks Captain Cook did the locals a favour in opening up the Kimberley for mining. The Prof and I are working on a private ...

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Nov 27 – The best sledgers never get caught

Trapper and I joined Hollywood at The Prof’s favourite coffee shop in Paddington [Ed. Sydney, for English readers] for breakfast. The Prof had a meeting with his (our) bankers in town and was flying back to Brisbane late in the day. After much teasing, Trapper recalled the sledge incidents late in the match on Day 4. He was fielding at ...

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Restoring Faith in the Australian Cricket Team

So, if you had to drum up more support for the Australian Team in these “difficult” times, how would you do it? Something we’ve been thinking about here at 17thManDiary.com after writing about the team every day during the recent Tour – and planning to do the same through the summer. Here’s two ideas aired on Gruen Planet, an ABCTV ...

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