Friday, April 26, 2019
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The Ashes Files Part II: Nelson Mandela and Paul Keating

In March 2013 Cricket Australia asked The Prof, The Freak and I to vet applications they had received to join Australia’s Ashes Squad to tour England. This is the second in a series of sensational releases of the best applications we received from all over the world. This release covers the applications from two heavy-weights –  Nelson Mandela (global hero), and ...

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How a simple 3rd Day sledge led to a 5th Day climax

The Prof had the binoculars and with assistance from Mr Bean, a schoolboy linguist, faithfully translated the on-field exchanges between The Captain and KP on Day 3 of The Oval Test in the best interests of Australian cricket.   The Freak who was fielding at wide fine leg at the time, and who is himself an accredited translator and lip reader, ...

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Fifth Test in Tweets – Day 2

Day 2 @richiebenaud_: Sachin just called. He wants to know why Cook would drop a sitar? “What a waste of a perfectly good instrument.” @markpattersonbr: Bob Willis: ‘I’m afraid Simple Simon was the pieman today’ @RichieBenaud_: Kerrigan can still save his reputation with a well made 98 batting at No.11 #Ashes @warwicktodd_not: England just wet the Ashes @richiebenaud_: England may ...

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