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South Africa 2014

Mar 2 – Day 2 – Third Test

The grandiose Rhodes memorial stands high on the Cape looking north to Cairo. It is built from granite blocks quarried from Table Mountain. It is both imposing and permanent. It’s 49 steps, one for each year of his life, lead up to a pillared rectangular monument that houses a large bust of the man himself. He wanted a massive statue ...

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Mar 1 – Day 1 – Third Test

Mild weather greeted the team as we headed off to the ground this morning.  The sense of anticipation was so keen you could touch it. One test each, one to play, and the bragging rights, if not the official No 1 Test Team ranking, are up for grabs. There were a couple of team changes, with Junior making way for ...

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Feb 28 – Test Eve

Just one day to go until the last Test of this summer’s drawn out campaign. ¬†Everyone is a little tired [Ed. Speak for yourself. I’m TOTALLY buggered, but I’m not telling the selectors that!] and drained, but still excited about the prospect of winning another series. Who would have thought when we started all the way back in November that ...

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Feb 27 – Hollywood declared fit

Hollywood strode in from the pounding surf like a Greek Colossus silhouetted against the morning sun, head tilted slightly to one side as if in thought. He came up the sand through a small adoring crowd, confident in his reincarnation as ‘talented all-rounder’, now that he is not shackled by injury. He is a man finally at ease with his ...

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Feb 26 – A case of mistaken identity

Sarah’s index finger dragged quickly down the third page of journalists CA accredited during the Ashes summer, searching for the P’s. She stopped at the name Pugilist, John, reading the short description to the right “Card sharp. Pianist”. He wanted an interview. She chose a dart, closed her eyes and flicked it toward the cork board beneath a sign labelled ...

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