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Summer of 2016-17

Dec 15 – Did you hear it? I heard it!

There is always one, and in this team it is usually Wicky. We were still having a leisurely breakfast at about 9 when he shambled through the lobby of the team hotel, heading for the bus and what he thought was an imminent team departure. Finding himself alone in the marble-veneered portico, he was looking confused when the Captain sauntered ...

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Dec 4 – Did you see the catch?

“Did you see the catch?” everyone was asking, all night. “Yep, what a ripper!” I lied. I did not see the catch. I DID NOT SEE THE CATCH. To see the catch, I would have had to be: sitting in the dressing room, watching the match. sitting in the dressing room, not watching the match but able to look up ...

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Dec 3 – The Big No Show

Some people just don’t get it. In the wake of the loud-mouth Wicky from Victoria making it back into the Test side on the strength of his batting and ornery on-field persona, someone who shall remain nameless wish they’d made it back also [Ed. The Big Show] seem to think they have been hardly done by while batting at six ...

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Nov 28 – Third Test – Day 5

The red ball game is over for now. The white ball game is on. Coach2.0 told us all no one is being rested. Just suck it up and get on with it he said. That’s understandable – we all had headaches after a big night out. There is only one question left to answer. What will the Selectors do? Will ...

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Nov 27 – Third Test – Day 4

We won a dead match in a dead series. Cricket is an unpredictable game. Woooppeee.  Coach2.0 put it all into context at the team meeting. “L, L, L, L, L, W.” I think it was Maddison Avenue who piped up and said, “If we include the 5-NIL ODI losses that is  L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, ...

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