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Summer of 2016-17

Nov 26 – Third Test – Day 3

Something I ate last night at the┬áMexican/Nouveaux New York fusion Tapas bar in Rundle Mall didn’t agree with me – and it wasn’t just the incongruous support the owners were showing for the President Elect. Something was a bit “off” and as a result I was bowling “from both ends” by about 2 am. I wasn’t pretty. Things settled down ...

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Nov 25 – Third Test – Day 2 – “We Batted All Day.”

We batted all day. Not sure what else needs to be said. It hasn’t happened for a while. We batted all day. Mr X batted all day and scored a ton – which he needed to after being involved in an omnishambles of a run out that resulted in The Captain heading for the pavilion after assembling a fine looking ...

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Nov 24 – Third Test – Day 1

Coach2.0 has been out of the limelight so far this summer pondering the high wire of team transitions. Start too early and you end up torching potential like a Salem witch hunt; misread it and you fall 300m from the high wire above Trump Tower. So he red inked the careers of the fallen, ruled a line under the final ...

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Nov 23 – Third Test Eve

Christmas appeared through the big block panelled glass doors in CA’s headquarters with a sheaf of papers in one hand and a switch full of angry intent in the other. She had called an emergency meeting with The Prof and Puff as the Test Players Representatives. I was there to take notes. “Hi Christmas,” Puff began. “I get it. Ha, ...

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Nov 21 – Pink Parts 1 and 2

Pink Part 1 It seems that in the rush to bolster the batting line up [Ed. A rush that didn’t involve calling up the more mature pair of The 17th Man (NSW) or The Prof (QLD)] the selectors conveniently forgot that the new/old Wicky is colour-blind. [Ed. And that he can’t catch.] Cricket fans will remember that one of the ...

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