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Summer of 2016-17

Nov 14 – Second Test – Day 3

Day 3 dawned in a misty evanescent palette the noted English painter JWM Turner would have quickly mastered. The sun permeated the grainy air and sat for a while shimmering on a mirror sea. There was nothing to do until breakfast so I read the cricket news. It’s a tale of juxtaposed nonsense and bumbling whimsy from all quarters: • ...

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Nov 13 – Second Test – Day 2

It was a good day. It rained and rained. So the Umpires abandoned play. The few fans rugged up in the Ponting Stand who had nothing better to do stayed on for a while then left to go somewhere else. Coach2.0 figured it was better to give us all a cold shower and a 30 minute run along Constitution Dock ...

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Nov 12 – Second Test – Day 1

These “will we, won’t we” kind of days are always tricky. Will I get to the bacon servery before Puff has eaten it all? [Ed. There is only one strategy – breakfast at 6am] Will Wicky miss the team bus (again)? Will we play? Will we start on time? Will the rain keep us off? Will the umpires keep us ...

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Nov 11 – Second Test Eve

Did anyone say it was cold down here? It’s supposed to be the height of summer [Ed. Technically still spring, but I agree – this cold weather has rendered my brass monkey incomplete.] If feels like the wind is blowing straight off a monstrous ice bath, but with no big hairy fast bowlers in the way to provide a wind ...

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Nov 9 – Trumped

It was 1.35am somewhere in Hobart. Constitution Dock was across the water somewhere. The pub opposite threw a dull glow into the room I was sharing with Plopper. The air stinks and the air-con rattles. It felt like the opening to one of those trashy novels somewhere in one of those fly-over States in Trumpsville with a cheap bed and a glass of whisky. I ...

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