Thursday, February 27, 2020
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The Squad

Nov 14 – The Squad

Today was the day that the squad for the First Test was announced. My phone didn’t ring much before or after, which is never a good sign.  Compared to all the hoopla associated with the annoucement of  touring party, the naming of a twelve for a home test is not so dramatic – there are even more spare cricketers rattling around the country than ...

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The Captain

The Captain (No5): The consummate cricket professional. Leads from the front “power of one”, Type-A. Loves winning Tests. Footwork like a dancer. Tweeter. Theme song: World Leader Pretend – REM

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The Kid

The Kid – (Spinner and Batsman)  A Tour bolter, having come into the Squad late under the watchful eye of Coach2.0.  Handy left arm orthodox bowler with batting records to burn. Young and carefree, he’s the baby of the side unless he’s got the bat in his hand – then he’s a leader among men. Theme song: Kids in America ...

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Unlucky (Opener): A man with a list of first class batting achievements as long as his test career is short. The oldest player in the touring party, he has teenage children and a Walkman. Theme song: The Oldest Story in the Book – Paul Kelly.

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Wicky (Wicketkeeper) (Vice Captain) : Short and hairy. Communal spitter due to larynx injury removing a stump in U13 20/20 final. Loves sledging. Keeper of the team song. Learning to tweet. Theme song: Almost With You – The Church

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