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The Squad

Rocket Man

Rocket Man (Quick): Young clean tearaway with occasional reverse swing.  Huge wraps. Heavy mortgage on his future.  Guitar player, dancer and Boy band lover. Tweeter. Theme song: What Makes you Beautiful – One Direction

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The Prof

The Prof (Batsman, occasional keeper): The curly-haired bespectacled brains of the team. Triple maths major.  Soothsayer and satirist.  Loathes curry but loves India. Thinks only birds tweet. Theme song: Money – The Flying Lizards

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Plopper (No1 Spinner):  Test regular. Only ever wanted to bowl for Australia. Slept with a ball since he was six. Will play even if not selected. Theme song: Straight to my Heart – Sting

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Lucky (No3): Lefty. Unstoppable when in form. Straight shooter. Desperate to prove a point in India. Theme song: Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves.

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Darren (team psychologist): Catholic seminarian turned clinical psychologist (Oxford) after a stint as first XV rugby coach with a name public school.  Member, IOC Banned Substances Committee 2010-2011.  Chummy with the Chairman of Selectors who signed him up on a “losing tour” so he can finish his PhD in predictive on-field decision-making.  Greeny.  Occult expert and exorcist. Theme song: Psycho Killer ...

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