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Best of Twitter – Day 2 – Fifth Test

There wasn’t enough time between the collapsing English wickets, the fight backs from Stokes and Broad, 200 Fake Richie’s paying homage to their stricken master and an ex-PM thinking he had re-won the Australia’s Cup to curate tweets from Day 2.  But we tried, as Australia’s top order wobbled badly AGAIN, apart from the inning’s of a 36 year old ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 1 – Fifth Test

There was just too much action to keep up with today – 11 wickets, a sell-out crowd, three debutantes and the twitter crowd keen to end the series with a bang.  Here’s the highlights.   @AllOutCricket: Three caps handed out. So it must be Rankin as well, alongside Borthwick & Ballance. Or Piers Morgan… it’s hard to be sure. @thefulltoss: So ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 4 – Fourth Test

 I’m getting this done and out before I go to the celebrations.  4-0, baby!   @Cricketbatcat: Don’t worry England. Warner never limits chances like that to just the one. Two more missed chances imminent. #Ashes @TheCricketGeek: Positives for England from this Ashes series – 1. Ben Stokes @mammalsmall: @TheCricketGeek 2. No players involved in punch ups in bars @legsidelizzy: Lehmann has apparently bought ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 3 – Fourth Test

Cricket is at its best when the supporters of the visiting side get really hot under the collar at a lost opportunity. The English Empire was striking back – for a second – then it fell back in a pile of s**t. That word is now surely a technical term along with the word Faaaark, the term players most often ...

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Best of Twitter – Day 2 – Fourth Test

The twitterers missed England’s comeback on Day 2. For those who were interested and had nothing better to do – I can only assume they were in England or English journalists on holiday in the press box – here is a small helping of Christmas leftovers of some of the better tweets. I ignored most of the Piers Morgan rubbish. ...

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