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Best of Twitter – Day 1 – Fourth Test

 On a day when KP swallowed a fly, here’s the best of twitter! @Cowcornered: Maybe Cook will win the toss in Sydney… @tickerscricket: For the first time in the series, England have a lead. One run to the good. #AdvantageEngland @17thManDiary: Clarke has made a mistake here, playing the man (for mental disintegration) not the ball (always bat first). @MClark23e: ...

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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 5

 Thought I’d better get this done quick. Tonight is the opposite of the “No Win No Party” Rule! @LiebCricket: The catch of KP by Ryan Harris yesterday was perhaps the finest dodgy-knee wicket in Test history. #Ashes @warwicktodd_not: I wonder how that quinoa and horse radish salad tastes now England?+ @stevetua: @warwicktodd_not there seems to be more duck on the ...

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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 4

The Natural and The Freak agreed to curate the bet of twitter from Day 4, just for a laugh. They manhandled me from the pool later in the afternoon – I was bathing on The Prof’s lilo and they hit me from underneath like a great white – to get me to transcribe their introduction [Ed. It was nothing personal. We ...

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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 3

Puff and Hollywood volunteered to sift through the twitter gravestones of the country graveyard in which the English fans and their heros of the summer lay buried. They did their job clinically in repect  – for where they were a few months ago is England now. Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. It takes only three devastating victories to erase the long night ...

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Best of Twitter – Third Test – Day 2

 The ebb and flow of a “classic day of  Test Cricket” (everybody said so) according to Twitter.  Note to the whingers of the press, who thought that 43 deg C in the Press Box was too hot for their laptops again: Toughen up, petals! @BrettLee_58: Mitch for a hundred ? @wwos9 #Ashes @FreedmanDennis: Why waste energy batting when your job is to break the ...

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