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World Cup 2015 Features

Feb 16 – Six quotes for Six Games in 42 seconds

Sometimes there is just nothing to do except take stock. A few of the Australian lads got together – you know the ones who do crosswords when it’s raining, or who like a good book. The exercise was to find a quotable quote to best describe each of the first six games of CWC15 in 42 seconds, the aggregate time ...

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Feb 15 – A Letter from England

Oscar Wilde write “The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” This could have been said by another Irishman, Eoin Morgan, and it is just as well. An Englishman could not have written with such optimism. The AUSvENG encounter was always a mismatch. One doesn’t send a boy to do a man’s work any more than one ...

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Feb 8 – English Fear of the Black Knight

Scene I A bright day. The batsmen are consolidating a partnership after lunch. The bowlers have settled into a quiet rhythm. The spectators are restless. A young lad balancing trays of beers for his thirsty companions slips on a burger bun and up ends in the spreading bosom of an old woman amid desultory cheers. In the dressing room Moregain and ...

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Feb 1 – In praise of Captain George Bailey

Aboriginals used to live in Tasmania. So did Errol Flynn, Princess Mary and Joseph Lyon. A couple of retired cricketers still live there, out of the mainstream. A friend says they are so isolated they may as well live in New Zealand or Denmark. Many do. Mainlanders think that if Australia is the arse end of the world, then Tasmania ...

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Jan 30 – In praise of Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Unsighted during the Test Series in Australia, Sir Jadeja is still an unknown quantity, one of the rank outsiders India has brought to Australia to pull off an unlikely quarter final berth in WC15. If he is a known unknown for his many Rumsfeldesque detractors, he is an enigma to his supporters, armed with the promise of limitless potential rarely ...

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