Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Postcards from the West Indies

June 10 – Game of Thrones

I played poker last night with The Prof, both Marshes and Eve (Adam Voges). The Freak joined us a little later, but his heart wasn’t really in it. Sleep was a higher priority, something to do with a spicy banana. At the table the Marshes were as swampy as ever, casting sideways glances at the Prof and I whenever the ...

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6 June – Postcard from IS

The Freak wandered in to my hotel room. The door was open. I was writing at the desk in the corner. He flicked a black envelope onto the bed. “Thanks”, I said. “What do you expect me to do with that?” “Open it.” “It is not addressed to me. How do you know it’s mine?” “Hotel reception said so.” “Who ...

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May 28 – French cricket and English summers

Three boxes arrived after training at our Barbados hotel. They were addressed to the Prof but I manhandled them into my room nearby and opened the letter stuck on the inside of the cardboard cover. It read “Dear Prof, It’s been 8 years since I cut you amidships on an oval in little Barbados.  I heard the dull crack of your ...

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May 26 – Drinking Rum and Coca Cola

Hello from Antigua! The Prof and I managed to get on the plane for this little two test tour, but I’m not telling how. No money changed hands, and neither of us were mentioned in dispatches in relation to the England coaching job – good grief, everyone else was, although they didn’t all have a top Test score of over ...

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