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The Little Tours 2014

The Full Story – Out Now!

The full story of the spring tours – the ODI series in Zimbabwe and the series against Pakistan in UAE – is out now in ebook from the 17th man. Follow the 17th Man as he tags along first to Zimbabwe for a series of ODIs then to the UAE for a two Test series against Pakistan. The two Little ...

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Nov 6 – Team Awards En Route

Nov 6 – An Evening of Team Awards We barely had time to give out awards at the end of the Zimbo excursion, but with two tests played, the UAE tour demanded some more pomp and circumstance – even if we had to wait until the flight home to have a few beers and hand out the gongs. I found ...

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Nov 5 – The Pakistan awards party

I received an email message this morning from Baba. I’m damned if I know why? He must have taken a shine to me during Misbah’s drinks before we left Abu Dhabi On Tuesday. The note relayed the awards ceremony at the Pakistan series victory dinner somewhere high up in Abu Dhabi. he Pakistani’s began their evening with the suspension of ...

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Nov 4 – Misbah’s drinks and home

There are a lot of roads in the UAE but not many speed humps. You can travel as fast as you want to but don’t get arrested. Travelling in the UAE requires patience, knowing to go slow past built up areas, schools and police cars, and to go fast when everyone else is. You have to know the rules of ...

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Nov 3 – Second Test – Day 5

Trapper soldiered on today, only to fall short of a well deserved 100 by three lowsy runs. There is no truth in the rumour that his “gentleman’s area” got too chaffed to continue, on account of his constant adjustments. (He is, after all, the perpetual holder of the Shimano Tackle Adjustment Award). The truth is much simpler: he got out. ...

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