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The Little Tours 2014

Sep 1 – The Day Between

To say that Coach2.0 wasn’t happy about the performance the boys put in yesterday would be something of an understatement. [Ed. Use of the third person duly noted.]  His public description was something along the lines of “There are not enough expletives to describe that performance.”  I can tell you that he only came to that conclusion after exhausting his ...

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Aug 31 – Historic Loss to Zimbabwe

There are days when the earth trembles, when it is hard to breathe, when defeat threatens to mock the prince of self-belief with the vulgar insults of a Brueghel cock-fighter. One of those days when history erases the footfalls of progress and turns reputation to rubble. Losing to Zimbabwe…… “A thousand years may scarce form a state. An hour may ...

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Aug 30 – Match Eve

Cutsy Cutting and The Finch Hitter were in the car. The Prof was wedged in between I and the Big Show. We were off, said Hitter, to check out Harare. He assured us that this morning was “at our leisure” and that he had cleared it all with Coach2.0 and Sarah.  The Prof started to say something in protest but thought better ...

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Aug 29 – News From Home

News from home was a bit mixed when I had time for a couple of Skype sessions today. The endless rain is sending Thea [Ed. ie Mrs 17th] crazy back in Sydney.  We managed to buy a house earlier in the year, just before prices “at the top end” started to move. There was a mention of it in the ...

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Aug 28 – Licking Wounds

The team is still a bit shell-shocked after throwing the game away yesterday. [Ed. Dropping, it surely – Thanks Mr G and Tatts!] The batsmen are smug while the all-rounders are a bit sheepish having failed against the more serious examination provided by the SA attack. The bowlers did not appreciate the abundance of pies on the breakfast buffet this ...

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