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The Little Tours 2014

Aug 22 – Night Flight to Harare

Who am I on tour with?I think I started off sitting next to Lucky. I admire his perseverance to claw his way back from oblivion to snag a spot on the SA Tour in February, miss all the test action in the middle, front up for Australia A and then jag a spot on the World Cup warm-up tour to ...

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Aug 19 – Off to Zimbo

The Touring party for the mid-winter hit and giggle tournament in Zimbabwe has got together, sporting an impressive collection of needle holes in their arms. The Squad is:  The Captain, Mr G (vc), Cutsy, Big Bad Jimmy, The Hitter, Wicky, Tatts, The Big Show, Cattle and Kane, Trapper, Mr Darcy, Hollywood (shadowed by Lucky), The Prof, The 17th Man (That’s me) The notable omission is Puff, who is staying at home to hold ...

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