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The Little Tours 2014

Oct 29 – Second Test – Test Eve

It’s hard to judge if the tide of humanity that ebbed into Abu Dhabi is real, and if it is going to translate into a packed house tomorrow for the Second Test. The capacity of the ground is only 20,000 [Ed. They’ve been struggling to get 20 to the games so far] so who knows what will happen. One thing ...

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Oct 28 – World Migration Trends

I woke up to the faint but constant background noise of plane after plane lining up to land at Abu Dhabi. Their landing lights trailed off to the horizon. I counted 10 or more A380’s; just as many were jammed together to take off on a parallel runway in the… Oct 28 – World Migration Trends Oct 28 – World ...

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PAKVAUS – First Test in Tweets

Day 1 – Oct 22 @17thManDiary” Is The Big Show too gifted, impetuous & experimental to be Test Captain? Much like Gough, really. @17thManDiary: Wishing @kokeeffe49 presented Steve “Skull2” O’Keefe with his baggy green this morning @DennisCricket_: Has anyone made the joke about the crowd turning up dressed as chairs yet? No? Good. First one of the season. ...

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Oct 27 – The Desert Flower

Aaron Hotchner, Criminal Minds: “… pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” ~~ Kahlil Gibran The Captain finished his 11th post-match interview this morning as fresh and as reflectively upbeat as a desert flower. What else could he do? His optimistic words amid the rubble of defeat, whilst an odd paradox for a man who hates ...

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Oct 26 – First Test – Day 5

There was no halting the steady march of Pakistan’s straight-armed spinners today.  Some of the bats showed some courage, but the limp performance of the top order on Day 4 cast its shadow over the final day in an unavoidable pall. Coach2.0 wasn’t jumping for joy, but I think there was an acknowledgement that taking the game into the last ...

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