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The Little Tours 2014

Oct 25 – First Test – Day 4

Today was a nasty flashback to the ill-fated Tour to India last year. Not so much in terms of players not putting in their homework [Ed. Read about HomeWorkGate here, and the whole tour here  if you dare], but the on-field performance. Sub-continental players piling on the runs against our spinners on a dead track, and then our bats struggling against ...

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Oct 24 – First Test – Day 3

The Captain led us into the old city of Dubai in the evening for dinner. Old is a comparative term meaning not new. The narrow lane ways and dusty markets were thick with kaftans and coloured galibaya’s, and the vibrant hustle of wagging tongues, dust, baked earth, pungent smells and shifting people. I heard Sarah’s voice [Ed. It was a ...

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Oct 23 – First Test – Day 2

So we lined up like disinterested bystanders at a local disco, sipping lime and sodas in our air-conditioned comfort to watch the collapse of the Pakistani innings. Coach2.0 was waiting for it with all the excitement of a schoolboy about to sit a history test. Sarah was pre-occupied dabbing her nails with the latest aeroplane glue. The Big Show was ...

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Oct 22 – First Test – Day 1

Game Day, and the team was finally announced officially [Ed. exactly as quoted in the diary yesterday], while Lucky scored the booby prize of being named 12th man. To make sure he got to fulfill that honour on the field at every opportunity, the rest of the squad stayed resolutely dressed in training strip for the entire day.  Lucky was ...

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Oct 21 – Test Eve Renovations

There is a sense of anticipation here in Dubai – it’s not quite like an Ashes series, but still, there is a big game to be won and lost, reputations to be enhanced or tarnished, “Individual Brand Equity” to be grown or diminished. [Ed. So long as The Big Show keeps his brand equity restricted to the short form of ...

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