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The Little Tours 2014

Oct 20 – Selection tension

Junior Junior Marsh strolled into the breakfast room. “Morning all.” “Morning Mr. Marsh”, came the schoolyard reply from the players at table and other guests. JJ smiled. His father, the almost Chairman of Selectors, told him to expect this buffoonery but to ignore it. It was nothing compared to the boisterous hard playing and hard joking helmet-less days of Chappell ...

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Oct 19 – The Curator and the FAIRPLAY hotline

Coach2.0, The Captain and the Chairman of Selectors were out in the Sharjah heat wandering around the middle of the wicket. [Ed. Everyone else was rehydrating in the shade after a tough net session]. At times they talked to each other; at other times they had their heads down looking for something. If you are a dog, sniffing out a ...

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Oct 18 – Day 4 Tour Match Pakistan A

There was a procession of unhappy players in and out of the dressing room today as wickets fell regularly. Only Lucky, keen to confound the selectors as usual, put together a reasonable score to go with his designer stubble. It was pleasing to note that JuniorJunior Marsh was able to come off his duck in the first dig with a ...

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Oct 17 – Day 3 Tour Match Pakistan A

There is nothing worse than having to sit around all day at the ground when the match doesn’t really mean much. For a Test Match, there are always emails and phone calls coming in from people wanting to know what’s going on. [Ed And all responses, of course, comply with the team’s Game Day Communication with Third Parties Policy.] For ...

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Oct 16 – Day 2 Tour Match Pakistan A

Coach2.0 booted the dusty doorstop into the drink esky. Three dud scores in the top 5. Again. It had been this way since The Ashes series in England in 2013. Every flaming match in the first dig. It haunted him dimly like Banquo’s ghost except that he felt no guilt, only the ‘weight of disappointment’. He stared at his steel-capped ...

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